Saturday, 23 April 2016

Petronas Education Sponsorship Program (PESP) 2016

    Assalamualaikum to all my readers eceh macam ke ramai benor nak baca huhu, this is my first blog entry ever so don't judge meh *peace yo* hehe. So before you guys blah bc of my annoying-ness, lemme briefly introduce myself, my name is Nur Sabrina Bt Mohd Zolkafeli and I'm a 2015 SPM-leavers. Alhamdulillah I got 5A+4As for my spm (not to brag but I'm telling this to avoid further questions) and oh, I'm a proud daily school student. Yup, SMK je geng sis bukan dari sbp or mrsm huhu. On my first entry, I'm gonna share my pathway to obtain a Petronas Education Sponsorship Program aka PESP. (WARNING: it's kinda long hehe)

   To start off, marilah sis cerita tentang interview nya aka Petronas Youngstar Day (PYD). So someone told me (I think my mom heard this from the parents briefing), there are about, roughly 7500 aplicants for PESP every year and only 1400++ will be shortlisted anddddd only 300 person will be chosen for the scholarship. So, make sure interview pulun habis habis, malu semua simpan jejauh oki. Make sure datang pepagi tu with a positive attitude and tegurlah semua orang dengan senyuman, trust me it will help ease your nervous sikit. I'm gonna share my experience since semua blog online dah tak updated langsung zzz payah ceq cari info ritu huhu sadis. My interview session was held in KDU University on 4 April 2016. Basically iv ni ada 2 stages and kalau hang tak lepas stage 1 terus takleh join stage 2. Kejam? Ye sangat kejam bc ada students yang datang dari Kelantan, Terengganu etc. so janganlah hampakan parents anda...... Pepagi students kena daftar (breakfast provided) bla bla bla ada briefing sikit bla bla bla and then off to the computer lab which is, stage 1.

    So! Stage 1 is CPSQ and TSA test. Pe jadah la pulak CPSQ ni zzzz jangan risau benda alah ni shortform for Cambridge Personal Styles Questionnaire. Basically dia nak test korang punya behavior, kacang je jangan risau, jawablah dengan jujur. I can't recall berapa lama the test are (bc saya nyanyok huhi) but usually it will only takes about 20 minutes sebab like i said, kacang goreng. Haaa yang tak kacang is TSA test huhuhu. TSA stands for Thinking Skills Assessment. Quick advice, study la balik sikit sikit add math anda supaya tidak berkarat knowledge tu haha. This test took about 60 minutes and consist of 40 questions. It's damn hard i tell you that, tbh i really dont expect to see my name on the announcement board for stage 2 bc sangattttt susaaaahhhh. Math skill kena power, dia ada juga some verbal question like dia bagi paragraph etc. so baca la doa banyak banyak before masuk computer lab okay! So that's stage 1, my only advice is, soalan susah tinggalkan jelah dulu, masa sangattt sikit.

   Moving on to stage 2! So, lepas habis stage 1 korang kena tunggu sat amik balik your CTC documents, amik makanan and then boleh turun. Around 1 o'clock, the announcement should be out and beraturlah anak anak, tunjukkan nilai murni itu huhu. Sapa yg dapat will be divided into two large group A and B which will then be divided into smaller groups (4-5 person) for your group interview. Kalau dapat group B, tabahlah, lambat la kau balik jawabnya sebab kena tunggu group A habis. I got group B for some weird reason zzzzz and mereput kat hall for like 2 hours bc of some technical problem from lab 16 (i guess). So skip all the nonsense, lepas dia bahagi group, korang akan diberi case study and 15 minutes INDIVIDUALLY to jot down your points (this is done in the hall). Lepas tu your group akan dibawa ke bilik comel sikit dimana anda akan berjumpa 2 interviewer dalam tu. My advice, jangan risau! They're sporting and NOT scary at all. They are not gonna eat you, be confident. Lepas tu each members akan diberi peluang untuk explain your points on the case study, time ni kalau hang orang last and ada yg dah mention your plan or points, please DO state your points confidently. Then, group korang diberi like 30 minutes untuk pilih satu cadangan terbaik and elaborate on it bla bla bla. Advice kat sini banyak, be active but jangan mencelah time orang explain, jangan biadap, silalah bertutur fully english, jangan memalu eh kau sekali je nak interview ni, andddddd pls do shine among the members. There is NO textbook answer, infact, they don't wanna look at your answer, they wanna see how you cooperate and how you deal with conflicts. Yes, time present dia akan smash soalan sikit so make sure smash balik haha. And oh! Jangan lupa senyummmmm. Around 6:30pm my session ended and pulanglah nak, penat doh dari pagi huhuhuhuhuhu.

This is my group members (saya yg peace tu kehkeh)

Semua orang dapat leklek dia bagi bawa balik sbg kenangan gitu


Extra information, results will be out around 2 weeks after the iv so chillax dulu okay. Doa banyak banyak ada rezeki adalah, tak dapat pun that means rezeki tempat lain, insyallah.

Two weeks later, jeng jeng jeng, that time I baru balik from EQCamp for Biasiswa Yayasan Telekom and literally baru masuk kereta lepas naik bus ke TBS sendirian (loner detected). My cousin pick me up at TBS and we're heading to SS15 to grab some Nasi Lemak Ayam Darus (very recommended for those yg tak pernah try) and tetiba my phone rings. New messageeeeeee (the best message I ever gets in my entire life)

YAYYYY alhamdulillahhhh kk sis tak nangis but my mom did hehe, happy tears of course. But as you can see dia tak bagi full details so kelam kabutlah balik buka laptop, excited ni nak tahu dapat overseas ke local je. 

I may not seem that excited but I literally jumped in excitement when i read these haha

So that's it, I got it. I secure a scholarship! wow masih tidak percaya yang sis berjaya hehe tak expect langsung bc the competition is tough, ini semua rezeki Allah. I've alwaysss wanted to study abroad and MechEng is my first choice. No complaint, life is good at the moment hehehe

Quick update: I just got invited to the Award Ceremony at UTP next month, sooooo definitely going to update on that soon! 

Thank you sudi baca bebelan saya huhi ;)