Friday, 11 November 2016

3 Months Post-KTJ

I feel like I am the worst blogger ever. Well, to be quite honest I barely remember I own a blog anymore lol. So soz guys, I can explain.

   Today marks the 90th days of me in KTJ. I know I promised an entry on early lives in KTJ in my last post but oh well, A-levels happened. I actually did write half of the 'supposedly-to-be-posted' entry on my first week here, when personal time still exist as a newbie, but I kinda stopped half-way for dinner and never came back opps! Later on I figured "nah it's probably too late to post about induction week now" so i deleted the draft (there goes 1 hour of my life that I'm never gonna get back lol).

   So, moving on! Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar, or famously known as KTJ is nothing like what I imagined it will be, it is indeed better! Well, probably because I was expecting for the worst case scenarios but yeah KTJ is quite nice. But you know what is better? The people. Since this is an international school, I get to make tons of new friends from different countries and different schools. They are SUPER nice to be friends with and I also got to know new stuff from different cultures.

   In KTJ, we have boarding houses system. 4 boy houses, 3 girl houses and 1 house for the juniors (F1-F3). As a Lower Sixth, I was placed in a senior house, Irinah and for this term, I'm in a room with three other girls, one Korean and two Chinese. The first day we all kinda shy but mayn after 90 days living under the same roof with these people, after countless roommates bonding, shy ain't in our vocab anymore haha. Plus, not to brag but our room-L10 is kinda cool (pun intended cs Elsa hehe). The house on the other hand as a whole, I'm still trying to remember my juniors name cs obviously, I'm bad with names. In my previous school I have like two Chinese classmates and I keep switching their names around and now here, I have like 8213971 Chinese friends so life is good haha.

   I wish I have more time to write here, there's lots of things that happened for the past 3 months I'm in KTJ but as an irresponsible blogger, I just cant find the time to write and update everything here lmao (excuses). I'm actually writing this during first prep and I'm not supposed to do this, I have tons of homework to catch up with and I choose to procrastinate. I honestly just not in the mood to study so here I am HAHA. And oh! The only thing that I hate bout KTJ is the fact that we have school on Saturday, gdi ikr.

I'll try to blog more and post pictures (but really, isn't that what instagram are made for)
P/s: To Sean Chan, do NOT judge my grammar.